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Founded by an active creator and powered by real deal humans. We define influencer marketing through genuine relationships. 

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We've become known for our candid approach. Brands and creators know how we work, what we charge, and how everyone can be successful.


With @shonduras and @seanholladay as your founders, creativity flows freely. We practice what we preach every day.


A good brand deal is an art as much as a transaction. We're not Picasso but thousands of deals have taught us well.


Contrary to the Spacestation name, we work to be the most grounded, real, and helpful people in the industry.

The Spacestation crew is one of the best I have ever worked with


There is no other agency that I would work with for my influencer marketing.



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Extend the power of influencer marketing with paid media

Remarketing Space is a new capability giving brands access to a creator’s followers on YouTube,  Instagram and Facebook. Paired with a great integration, brands can now complete the story by directing digital ad spend to actual influencer audiences. When matched well, influencer audiences perform significantly better than other audience options. It’s a more efficient way to advertise and creates a better experience for followers, creators and brands.

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